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You're about to be sent on a quest! Which otherwordly destination would you like to travel through? 

59 deviants said Night Vale
53 deviants said The lower levels of the TARDIS
28 deviants said Jareth's Labyrinth
26 deviants said A galaxy far, far away
25 deviants said Wonderland
23 deviants said Oz (and Neighboring Territories)
22 deviants said Somewhere else, which I will comment to tell you about
16 deviants said Screw quests, I'm staying home and eating chips

Femslash February - Free Sketches

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 8:50 PM

First ten people to comment on this entry with an f/f couple (any series, canonically romantic or not, crossovers allowed) will get a free sketch. As long as both characters identify as female in their respective canons, it counts!


1. Madoka/Mami (Madoka Magica) for :iconfromequestria2la:
Femslash February 2014 - MadoMami by ErinPtah
2. Elphaba/Glinda (Wicked) for :iconkrisderp:
Femslash February 2014 - Glinda/Elphaba by ErinPtah
3. Dot Matrix/Mouse (ReBoot) for :iconsailordarkmoon:
Femslash February 2014 - Dot/Mouse by ErinPtah
4. Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn (DCU) for :iconinvaderargg:
Femslash February 2014 - Harley/Ivy by ErinPtah
5. Rose/Elena (Street Fighter) for :iconfireheart1001:
Femslash February 2014 - Elena/Rose by ErinPtah
6. Kyoko/Mami (Madoka Magica) for :iconkarienpryde:
Femslash February 2014 - KyoMami by ErinPtah
7. Black Cat (Marvel)/Zatanna (DCU) for :iconlphogan:
Femslash February 2014 - Black Cat/Zatanna by ErinPtah
8. Fuuka Yamagishi (Persona 3)/ Navi (Legend of Zelda) for :iconchaospriest:
Femslash February 2014 - Fuuka/Navi by ErinPtah
9. Utena/Anthy (Revolutionary Girl Utena) for :iconaeraellyth:
Femslash February 2014 - Utena/Anthy by ErinPtah
10. Utena characters for :iconmexicaniaikatarainc:
Femslash February 2014 - Utenian Game Characters by ErinPtah

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[1/7] So, wow, judging by pageviews, I got linked somewhere with hardcore traffic around January 1. Anybody happen to know where...?

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Some other places I post...

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ErinPtah on Wordpress - The main blog. Roundups of all the art/fic/mixes/comics/etcetera I post, fic recs, interesting fannish and news-related links, and a bit of personal stuff.
ErinPtah on Twitter - instant links when the blog or But I'm A Cat Person updates, plus general chatter.
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If you're on any of these sites, feel free to ask questions, add/follow me, or just look around!


Erin Ptah
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Erin Ptah likes time travel, vampires, women in suits, men in dresses, universe-changing epics, magical girls, crossovers, puns, and long walks on the beach.


Under The Sea by ErinPtah
Under The Sea
Relic of a half-written Little Mermaid AU, staring Seafin Cuttlebert and the dashing prince he rescued from a storm.

(Definitely a prince. No way Seafin is misinterpreting this. A highly important merperson like him, accidentally falling for a human commoner? Laughable.)

I Love You - I Know by ErinPtah The Most American Skaters by ErinPtah Your Moment of Tenderness by ErinPtah The Little Pundit by ErinPtah 
BICP Sketches - Cybele Variations by ErinPtah
BICP Sketches - Cybele Variations
But I'm A Cat Person's Cybele, in the various appearances she takes around Arthur Bennett: glamorous adult, adorably-harmless kid, Congressional page, polite conservative, and facsimile of Stu Cohen.

Miranda in Leather by ErinPtah Bubbly Cybele by ErinPtah BICP Sketches from an Alternate Universe by ErinPtah Scrappy fighters, snazzy collars by ErinPtah 


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