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Sexy art challenge, #27 (again!) - Fill as many holes as you can.

Rowan, Florian, Leif, and Thorn -- pretty sure that's all the guys so far in Leif & Thorn who have shown explicit interest in other guys -- piled together. (Rowan probably handled the, um, choreography.)

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Fancy Violet by ErinPtah Rowan/Violet - Lace and body pillows by ErinPtah Leif and Thorn - Character Height Chart II by ErinPtah Leif/Thorn - This was supposed to be hot by ErinPtah 
Hi Erin. ^__^ I saw this piece and I'd love to critique it for you. <3 It's very erotic!

:bulletblue: Vision: Visionary, I love how this piece is sketched out. Even though it is slightly rough it gives your personal touch with your style. I also love how it shows such eroticism of all of the male characters. But may I suggest making the floor shading a little bit darker? It seems too light for the eye to make it out as a shadow. I like the nice touch of the textured brush above the figures though!
May I also suggest looking at the lavender purple figures anatomy. ^_^ The torso is a little bit too short for the body, don't be afraid to make the character a little bit higher to match the kiss! The upper body is also a bit bigger than his legs. >//__//< These are only suggestions hun don't feel pressured by them. <3 They're simply there to help you improve. ^___^

:bulletblue: Originality: I am not sure if these characters are yours or not so we'll stick to the overall originality of the piece. <3 Boys love and the eroticism of it has potentially become popular lol. But it's always nice to have your own part in it. ^^ It's also a very big step to have more than 2 figures in the same picture in such a pose! I think you did very well here. I don't see many poses like this around.

:bulletblue: Technique: The technique of your own is brilliant, how it's so simple but still getting its points across. Since this is a sketchy technique, there is not much I can say about it but I think you should try more ways of sketching also. <3 It'll be a fun experience for you if you'd ever like to try that suggestion out!

:bulletblue: Impact: Said above in the Vision statement, I love how this shows the eroticism of the figures. There's no shame in showing the naked figure and what nature is intended to do. :giggle: And one thing I forgot to mention is that I really like how you separated the colours with the figures, it stands out to me and it helps give that creative boom.

Overall, I think this is a great piece even though it is only a simple sketch! Great work hun and keep up the fantastic work! :la:
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DonAsTray Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
rub-a-rub rub, 4 men for a scrub
Now who do you think was there?
The Captain, The Green,
The Cute, and the Mean,
And all so pretty, unfair!

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May 19, 2016
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