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Carlsberg Family Daemons by ErinPtah Carlsberg Family Daemons by ErinPtah
From the His Dark Materials AU. We had art of Steve's bio-daughter Renée a while ago, and now that the family is expanding....

Steve Carlsberg: a decent guy with decent scones. Divorced dad. Has the kind of relationship with Cecil where they put each other down constantly but are secretly best friends. In an uneasy detente with the Sheriff's secret police over how Night Vale should be run...although once Strexcorp buys them, it screws up the balance. Daemon: badger, Taeminlahn.

Delphine: Steve's girlfriend. A single mother. Surprisingly glamorous. Possibly way too classy for him, but she thinks he's funny and she likes his scones, so the omens are promising. They just moved in together! Daemon: Norwegian forest cat (same-gender).

Janice: Delphine's daughter, age 10. Best foresight in her generation. Definitely not a secret agent in Tamika Flynn's army. Her legs are severely stunted; she has to buy pants made for kids half her age. At least it doesn't limit her mobility -- because her daemon spends most of his time in large, rideable forms. Daemon: unsettled, Tehom.

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